Cosy home on a narrow building site

A narrow building site is usually a problem for an investor. Then we come with help. There are no too small, too narrow or “too weird” building sites for us.  Sometimes it is good to buy a different type of building site because it highlights new possibilities to create great architecture. The house we are presenting is a terraced house.  It is located in the central part of a building site. The building site is narrow that’s why we had to resonably manage the space.

The house refers to the existing buildings in the area of ​​houses with sloping roofs. From the beginning the building supposed to be small, spacious and functional.

Plan of house starts on hall, then we have library with workspace, bathroom, living room, dining space and kitchen.  Under the stairs-utility room.
First floor includes three bedrooms and big bathroom.




Project: TWORZYWO studio
Investor: Private
Location: Surroundings of Poznan